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Absence of Hatred
July 29, 2013

To promote the spirit of world fellowship we must make the sublime seeds, the seeds of loving-kindness, grow in our hearts and minds till we are all live. To love one another we should realize that we are all brothers, and brotherhood must be applied with justice, for justice is a natural law. No judge has the right to use his power over a criminal to a greater extent than that permitted by the law of the court, which should be the representative of the natural law of justice.


If we do harm to someone we shall be paid back in the same coin; rather as when we throw a stone into a pond, causing ripples to spread out over the surface until coming up against the edge of the banks. The water then moves back again until reaching the stone that has disturbed it.

In just the same way the effects of our actions come back to us and if our actions are good we shall have good effects, while bad actions will likewise produce bed effects. To produce good actions love is essential, so we must love everyone, no matter what may be the color of his skin, whether he is rich or poor, wise or foolish, good or bad; and we should love not only human beings but all beings in the world.

In the Metta Sutta, the discourse on loving-kindness, the Buddha says, “As a mother, even at the risk of her own life, protects her child her only child, so let a man cultivate goodwill without measure among all beings. Let him cultivate goodwill without measure towards the whole world, above, below, all around, unstinted, unmixed with any feeling of differing or opposing interests. Let him remain steadfastly in this state of mind all the while he is awake, whether he be standing, walking, sitting or lying down. This state of heart is the best in the world.”

Most of us have not yet learned this lesson, and therefore the sense of a common humanity is absent from our minds, the world is full of pain and cruelty and all wild animals flee from us. There are a few who have learned this lesson, they love everybody and everything, no wild animal fees from them and even a tiger will roll at their feet as a pet cat does at ours. Why do our pet animals love us? Because we love them. If we learn this lesson our enemies will become our friends and wild animals our pets.

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