The Pearl of the Tripitaka, Two Vaggas i
16/06/2010 05:30 (GMT+7)
From the deafening silence that the Buddha experienced during the moonlit moment beneath the Bodhi tree, flowed the teaching of the Dharma.  2,500 years has since passed, and the accumulations of the Teachings into various versions of the Tripitaka have swelled into monstrous proportions.
Do We Need National Buddhist Traditions
27/05/2010 21:19 (GMT+7)
If we define the word “nation” we discover that there exist many concepts about it. But all these concepts about a group of people called “nation” are based on the limited experience and view of a certain place and time. In the same way as an individual identifies with a “self”, a nation identifies with its characteristics and typical features it proclaims.

Traditional cultural beliefs on the decision of Venerable Yin Shun
27/05/2010 21:08 (GMT+7)
Since 1840, being faced with the so-called “greatest change of Chinese history and civilization in the millenniums”, Chinese intellectuals strived hard for the reconstruction of social order and cultural value. Against this background, the traditional religion cultures like Confucianism and Buddhism had been revived, and foreign trends of ideas imported into China, Christianity as one of them.
Buddhist Ceremonies and Rituals of Sri Lanka
22/04/2010 04:07 (GMT+7)
The theme of this study, Buddhist ceremonies and rituals, may not appeal to the self-styled Buddhist purist who wishes to restrict the designation "Buddhism" exclusively to the teachings of the Buddhist scriptures, which he usually interprets in a narrowly intellectualist manner. The fact remains, however, that the practices and observances to be described here justly claim an integral place within the stream of living Buddhism as practised by its adherents.

Visakha Puja
22/04/2010 04:07 (GMT+7)
Today, Visakha Puja, is an extremely important day in the Buddhist tradition, for it was on this day that the Buddha was born, and 35 years later awoke to the unexcelled right self-awakening, and another 45 years later passed away into total nibbana. In each case, these events took place on the full-moon day in May, when the moon is in the Visakha asterism, which is why the day is called Visakha Puja.
In Buddhist funeral, spirit of deceased is elevated
22/04/2010 04:06 (GMT+7)
NEWMARKET — The Laotian community here will experience tomorrow one of the most elaborate ceremonies of their Buddhist faith.

Festival celebrates living: Obon service, dance unites community
22/04/2010 04:06 (GMT+7)
Marysville -- Inside the walls of the Buddhist Church in Marysville Saturday, more than 150 people gathered to remember and appreciate their loved ones who have passed on and to self-reflect during the ancient Japanese Buddhist festival, the Obon.
Kathina Robe-Offering Ceremony:
Historical and Spiritual Significance
22/04/2010 04:05 (GMT+7)
Today we have been engaged in a series of programme that are part of Kathina robe-offering ceremony. It is important that we understand about what we are doing -- in this particular case, about Kathina ceremony; to be aware of some thing we are undertaking is Buddhist way of doing things which is technically called Right Understanding.

Buddhism and Music
20/04/2010 03:14 (GMT+7)
In most countries  music has developed in  close affinity with religious observances. But the Theravada   ideology does not encourage sensual arts like music and dancing. That when Buddhism was   not only a religion. but the way of the life for the people. such performing arts received little patronage from the temple.
Music and Buddhism
18/04/2010 09:31 (GMT+7)
Music gives us the capacity to express the deepest feelings of the human soul.  Whether through holy hymns or sincere chants of praise, it is capable of lifting our minds to an almost sublime state, and, as such, is regarded as having an important role in the promotion of religious teachings.

Buddhist Music Comes West
18/04/2010 09:31 (GMT+7)
Buddhism in the West has reached its second century. If the Asian experience of Buddhist history is any judge, it may be another hundred years before a truly indigenous Western Buddhism flourishes here in the Americas and Europe.
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