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End of cravings
15/06/2013 19:53 (GMT+7)
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Just as a tree with roots undamaged and firm grows again even though cut down, so also, if latent craving is not rooted out, this dukkha (of birth, ageing and death) arises again and again.


That man of wrong views, in whom the thirty-six streams (of craving) that flow towards pleasurable objects are strong, is carried away by his many thoughts connected with passion.

The stream of craving flows towards all sense objects; the creeper of craving arises (at the six sense-doors) and fixes itself (on the six sense objects). Seeing that creeper of craving growing, cut off its roots with Magga Insight.

In beings, there flows happiness that is smeared with craving; those beings attached to pleasure and seeking pleasure are, indeed, subject to birth and ageing. People beset with craving are terrified like a hare caught in a snare; held fast by fetters and bonds they undergo dukkha (round of rebirths) again and again, for a long time.

People beset with craving are terrified like a hare caught in a snare. Therefore, One who wishes to free himself from craving should eradicate craving.

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