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Getting angry!
Written by Diệu Tịnh
05/04/2011 06:51 (GMT+7)
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Once upon a time, there was a Sage. One day when his disciples gathered around him, he asked the question: “Why is it that when two people get angry with one another, they scream instead of calmly talking to each other?”

After a few moments, one of the disciples answered: “When they are angry, they can not control their anger and are unable to calm themselves.”

The Sage was not satisfied with the first answer and so he asked again. “Why do you have to scream when you are standing next to each other? Why couldn’t you speak to each other with just your regular speaking voices?”

His disciples pondered for a long moment in silence, but were unable to conjure up an explanation that satisfied the Sage.

Finally, the Sage answered: “When two people are angry with each other, their hearts no longer reach out to each other. Deep down in their heart, the distance grows further away. Therefore, they believe the idea that if they want to overcome or overpower the other person, the best way is to scream and yell as loud as they can. The angrier the person, the bigger the distance, and then finally, the loudest voice covers the empty distance that is has created.

Anger !The Sage Paused. Then continued.” When two people fall in love, they never yell to each other when they talk. Why? Because their hearts begin to get closer and their hearts become one beat and the distance grows closer. Later when these two people fall deeply in love, language is no longer a necessity. Only whispering is needed to bring them together, and closer to the love. In the end, the look in their eyes for one another can speak for it all…




The Sage concluded: “When you argue on a subject, do not let your heart slip away. Do not create the empty distance and let the anger take the place of your heart. If you can not manage your anger, you will create such a long distance and will not be able to find your way back home!

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