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Life Lessons from Riding a Motorcycle
Zen Presence - Ideas for Meaningful Living by Dan Garnert
19/04/2013 14:48 (GMT+7)
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Life Lessons from Riding a Motorcycle

1.  Take care of your vehicle (body), your life depends on it.

2.  Focus on where you want to go, not on obstacles.  We tend to go in the direction that we're looking.

3.  Get some training.  We should never stop learning.  I once let my motorcycle license lapse and had to re-take the skills test.  I had ridden a motorcycle since I was a teen and didn't think that I needed any training.  After failing the first test I attended a short weekend course that improved my skills and ability dramatically.

4. Respect the situation you are in but remain loose, calm, and focused on the situation. If you let fear overcome you, then your body will tense and you will lose the 'flow' necessary to navigate.  You will also develop severe tunnel vision and may not see the big picture of your surroundings.

5.  Give it a little 'gas' when maneuvering a curve (change) to maintain stability.

6.  Interacting with your surroundings and exposing yourself to the elements changes a boring drive (task, experience,life) to a memorable event. 

7.  Get out there and ride.  Enjoy the fresh air and your beautiful surroundings.  Life is short.

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