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Settling the mind down
11/11/2013 19:38 (GMT+7)
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November 7 -- We cannot force our way into realizing our original nature which is what we are, intrinsically, but which remains hidden from us.  The agitation of our all-too-human mind which is hiding this nature, which is independent of such agitation, can only increase if we force our way.  By the same token, we still need to actively let this agitation settle through various means which includes seated meditation, walking, and pleasant work just to name a few ways.  With such a settled mind, the moment at which agitation completely stops—our original nature or pure Mind becomes clear to us.

This full stopping only requires a split second.  It is as if the pure object meets the pure subject.  Difference in a moment is extinguished.  There is only one substance, that is, One Mind.  With this satori, we can then go forward with a better understanding of what Buddhism is really about.  However I should caution the reader this is only the beginning and not the completion of Buddhism.  There is more to go which involves reversing our habit-energy (vasana) which is habituated to the all-too-human agitated life and mind.

If this sounds like I am advocating a simple life, I confess that I am.  Living a tense, anxiety filled life is not all that conducive to letting our mind settle.  It is like being in a small boat in a stormy sea.  The inner tension will only cease when the storm stops.  There are somethings we can do to cut down on our mind agitation which at times can be turbulent.  We can stop watching television; walk more and sit in meditation allowing our mind to settle down.

It is when our mind is settled that we can study the discourses of the Buddha and the Zen masters and other great teachers.  This may give us the help we need to intuit the agitated mind’s stopping.  We have to always keep in mind that the non-agitated mind is the pure Mind.  It is like looking into a well in which the water is stilled and crystal clear allowing us to see the bottom of the well.  I should mention that after the mind has fully stopped being agitated (pure Mind), for a split second or two, one senses a spiritual light which starts to increase over several hours.  This is called entering the current.


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