Two Main Schools of Buddhism
13/10/2013 10:00 (GMT+7)
The real followers of the Buddha can practise this religion without adhering to any school or sect.

Mind and Matter (Nama-Rupa)
12/10/2013 10:33 (GMT+7)
“What is mind? No matter. What is matter? Never mind.”
Teaching Panchen Lobsang Chogyen’s Root Stanzas on Mahamudra
12/10/2013 10:26 (GMT+7)
Acceding to a request from Drepung Loseling Monastery in Atlanta, after arriving at the Glenn Memorial Auditorium of Emory University this morning, His Holiness the Dalai Lama lost no time before beginning his explanation of Panchen Lobsang Chogyen’s Root Stanzas on Mahamudra. He made clear that he would not follow the traditional procedure that requires preliminary prayers and repeated explanations, but would give a straightforward account of the verses.

Kamada’s Lament (Kamada Sutta)
11/10/2013 10:15 (GMT+7)
From Baptist to Buddhist: The Venerable Pannavati Bhikkhuni reflects on experience and wisdom
10/10/2013 09:58 (GMT+7)
Before she began her lecture, the Venerable Pannavati Bhikkhuni looked out at the people standing in the doorway. With every seat filled, the crowd spilled into the hallway, standing room only.

Atta-rakkhita Sutta: Self-protected
08/10/2013 11:05 (GMT+7)
At Savatthi, as he was sitting to one side, King Pasenadi Kosala said to the Blessed One: “Just now, lord, while I was alone in seclusion, this train of thought arose in my awareness: ‘Who have themselves protected, and who leave themselves unprotected?’
The Ultimate Truth
07/10/2013 21:40 (GMT+7)
The Ultimate Truth can be found in the Teaching of the Buddhism.

Everything is Changeable
02/10/2013 10:11 (GMT+7)
What exists is changeable and what is not changeable does not exist.
The Power of Judgment
30/09/2013 17:17 (GMT+7)
When the Buddha told Ananda that the entirety of the practice lies in having an admirable friend, he wasn’t saying something warm and reassuring about the compassion of others. He was pointing out three uncomfortable truths — about delusion and trust — that call for clear powers of judgment.

Is Buddhism Atheistic?
29/09/2013 16:24 (GMT+7)
The Buddha has condemned godlessness by which He meant the denial of worship and renunciation, the denial of moral and social obligations, and the denial of a religious life. He recognized most emphatically the existence of moral and spiritual values. He acclaimed the supremacy of the moral law. Only in one sense can Buddhism be described as atheistic, namely, in so far as it denies the existence of an eternal omnipotent God or God-head who is the creator and ordainer of the world. The word ‘atheism’, however, frequently carries a number of disparaging overtones or implications which are in no way applicable to the Buddha’s Teaching.
The Future Buddha
28/09/2013 16:32 (GMT+7)
‘I am not the first Buddha to come upon this earth; nor shall I be the last.

Is Buddhism Similar to Other Contemporary Teachings in India?
23/09/2013 17:59 (GMT+7)
The Buddha said in His first sermon, the Dhammacakka Sutta, that the Dhamma which He preached was unheard of before. Knowledge of the Dhamma which arose was clear to His vision, to His knowledge, to His wisdom, to His penetration, and to His Enlightenment.
Is Buddhism a Theory or a Philosophy?
20/09/2013 21:25 (GMT+7)
The enlightenment of the Buddha is not a product of mere intellect.

True Love
16/09/2013 17:31 (GMT+7)
Love, without desire to possess, knowing well that in the ultimate sense there is no possession and no possessor: this is the highest love.
Working With Anger
10/09/2013 22:56 (GMT+7)

Google seeks out wisdom of zen master Thich Nhat Hanh
07/09/2013 10:47 (GMT+7)
Global tech companies are connecting to the power of mindfulness and meditation to drive sustainability and happiness.

Training the Mind Is Like Taming a Wild Animal
07/09/2013 09:17 (GMT+7)
People come to practice at the monastery in order to attain peace. But for many, the result of the practice is often the opposite and rather disappointing, because all they experience are restlessness, discomfort and a drifting mind. If there is no understanding, we will get confused and despair, Wondering why we are there.
Talaputa Sutta: To Talaputa the Actor
06/09/2013 18:16 (GMT+7)
On one occasion the Blessed One was staying near Rajagaha in the Bamboo Grove, the Squirrel’s Sanctuary.Then Talaputa, the head of an acting troupe, went to the Blessed One and, on arrival, having bowed down to him, sat to one side. As he was sitting there he said to the Blessed One: “Lord, I have heard that it has been passed down by the ancient teaching lineage of actors that ‘When an actor on the stage, in the midst of a festival, makes people laugh & gives them delight with his imitation of reality, then with the breakup of the body, after death, he is reborn in the company of the laughing devas.’ What does the Blessed One have to say about that?”“Enough, headman, put that aside. Don’t ask me that.”

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