Advice on Meditation
05/02/2010 12:01 (GMT+7)
When you read books about meditation, or often when meditation is is presented by different groups, much of the emphasis falls on the techniques. In the West, people tend to be very interested in the "technology" of meditation. However, by far the most important feature of meditation is not technique, but the way of being, the spirit, which is called the "posture", a posture which is not so much physical, but more to do with spirit or attitude.
A Guided Meditation
05/02/2010 11:47 (GMT+7)
Sit comfortably erect, without leaning forward or backward, left or right. Close your eyes and think thoughts of good will. Thoughts of good will go first to yourself, because if you can't think good will for yourself -- if you can't feel a sincere desire for your own happiness -- there's no way you can truly wish for the happiness of others. So just tell yourself, "May I find true happiness"

Access and Fixed Concentration
05/02/2010 11:47 (GMT+7)
Venerable Sujiva is a Buddhist Theravada monk who has devoted his life to the meditational aspects of the Buddha's teachings. He donned the robes shortly after his university graduation in 1975. During his monastic training he practised under several meditation masters, including the Venerable Sayadaw U Pandita. Since residing in Santisukharama (Johor, Malaysia) in the early 1980s he has conducted numerous Vipassana retreats.
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