Peace Is The Highest Happiness
10/06/2012 06:03 (GMT+7)
Buddhism and Atheism
10/06/2012 06:03 (GMT+7)
Ajahn Brahm outlines his perspectives on god and atheism...

10/06/2012 06:03 (GMT+7)
Ajahn Brahm talks about the topic of inspiration...
10/06/2012 06:02 (GMT+7)

Dreams And Other Things
10/06/2012 06:02 (GMT+7)
Living With Nature
10/06/2012 06:02 (GMT+7)
Ajahn Brahm talks about how the Forest Tradition relates to nature

The Ten Perfections
10/06/2012 06:01 (GMT+7)
Venerable Apichato talks about the Ten Perfections (Paramis)
The Excommunication Tape
10/06/2012 06:01 (GMT+7)
Ajahn Brahm talks about his excommunication. With an introduction by Dennis Shepard, president of the Buddhist Society of Western Australia

Noble Eightfold Path
10/06/2012 06:00 (GMT+7)
10/06/2012 05:57 (GMT+7)
Irritation is part of life. How you deal with it is what matters. Ajahn Brahm introduces several techniques to help deal with it, including positive reinforcement and the similes of the empty trash can and Ajahn Mosquito.

Why Is It So Hard To Be Kind?
20/04/2012 06:34 (GMT+7)
Often to show kindness is the hardest thing...
Rituals How And Why
20/04/2012 06:33 (GMT+7)
Rituals How And Why

Benefits of Reading the Suttas
20/04/2012 06:33 (GMT+7)
Ajahn Brahmali talks about the benefits of reading the Buddhist Suttas
Contentment: The Sword of Wisdom
20/04/2012 06:33 (GMT+7)
Abbot of Wat Buddha Dhamma Ajahn Khemavaro gives a quick talk before teaching a 9-Day Retreat at Jhana Grove

Happy Buddhamas
20/04/2012 06:32 (GMT+7)
Ajahn Brahm's 09 Christmas talk
DID JESUS DIE? Jesus was a Buddhist Monk BBC Documentary
01/04/2012 00:10 (GMT+7)
This film investigates the variety of stories surrounding the New Testament account of the crucifixion, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus, by interviewing historians, theologians and historical researchers. This exploration of the latest theories about what really happened to Jesus 2000 years ago uncovers some surprising possibilities…

Renunciation - The Determination to Be Free
18/02/2012 11:30 (GMT+7)
Renunciation (nges-'byung) is the determination to be free from not only some form of suffering, but also from its causes. It entails the willingness to give up that suffering and its causes. Thus, it requires great courage. It is not just aiming to get something nice without paying a price.
The Nature of Reality
14/02/2012 04:02 (GMT+7)

The Meaning Of Life - Peace Of Mind
12/02/2012 12:22 (GMT+7)
The Meaning of Life - Peace of Mind

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