Top 10 ways to reduce stress levels at work
26/06/2013 16:03 (GMT+7)
Ever in need of some helpful tips for adjusting your focus and tension at work? Here are some practical ideas for managing your stress in the workplace:
It’s Wimble-Zen as Djokovic gets inner Buddhist peace
29/06/2013 10:22 (GMT+7)
June 28-- LONDON — Novak Djokovic admits trips to a Buddhist temple near Wimbledon have given him the peace of mind to cope with a manic week at the All England Club.

10 Things Meditation Does for your Health
05/07/2013 12:33 (GMT+7)
Unlike what many think, meditation is much more than just a religious practice, in fact it has many benefits for your emotional and physical health.
Right Thought
09/07/2013 15:27 (GMT+7)
Our life is what we make it by our own thoughts and deeds, thus it is thoughts that a man rises or falls.

Right Speech
10/07/2013 18:14 (GMT+7)
Right speech is abstaining from lying from talebearing, from harsh language from vain talk. The man who obtain from lying, who always speaks the truth, is reliable, worthy of confidence. Neither for his own advantage, nor for the advantage of another, or for any advantage at all will he knowingly tell a lie.
Jennifer Lopez Turns Buddhist
12/07/2013 12:10 (GMT+7)
Celebrities seem to have a strange fascination for Buddhism, and this time it is Latino diva Jennifer Lopez who is taking up Buddhism.

Resolve Depression
13/07/2013 10:35 (GMT+7)
“In Western cities nowadays, you can see, the older you are the more problems you have. When we are young, not so many problems, but then there are drugs and sex, and eventually they become dissatisfying, then more depression, more depression. So, as your body becomes bigger and your brain becomes wider, you have more and more problems and become more and more depressed. The more money you have the more problems come. You can see this.
Meditation cuts death risk in half for people with heart problems
15/07/2013 10:39 (GMT+7)
(NaturalNews) - Perhaps the biggest impediment regarding the acceptance of alternative medicine in the United States is the fact that Americans have been conditioned to believe that only traditional methods of healthcare are effective and acceptable.

Uma Thurman Grows Up with Buddhism
16/07/2013 12:09 (GMT+7)
The truth is always stronger than a lie
16/07/2013 16:49 (GMT+7)
Once upon a time, the King of Benares went on a picnic in the forest. The beautiful flowers and trees and fruits made him very happy. As he was enjoying their beauty, he slowly went deeper and deeper into the forest. Before long, he became separated from his companions and realized that he was all alone.

Kristen Stewart turns to Buddhism
17/07/2013 08:53 (GMT+7)
Kristen Stewart has apparently begun practicing Buddhism in an effort to get over her split from Robert Pattinson.
A Happy Married Life
16/07/2013 17:30 (GMT+7)
From the Buddhist point of view, marriage is neither holy nor unholy. Buddhism does not regard marriage as a religious duty nor as a sacrament that is ordained in heaven. A cynic has said that while some people believe that marriage is planned in heaven, others say that it is recorded in hell also! Marriage is basically a personal and social obligation, it is not compulsory.

Happiness to all Beings
17/07/2013 08:45 (GMT+7)
Rechard Gere, an Oscar-winning star, and best known for his performance in Pretty Woman, Runaway bride, and an Officer and a Gentleman, is today considered a serious Buddhist practitioner.
A Bullfighter, Faced With The Reality Of His Crimes
17/07/2013 09:00 (GMT+7)
The picture above is claimed to be of Alvaro Munera, a Colombian bullfighter who could not continue on slaughtering bulls. The picture, which has been burning up Tumblr today, is accompanied by this quote:

19/07/2013 11:46 (GMT+7)
The ultimate source of all happiness or misery is the individual mind. Individual happiness is essential for the happiness of society, and the happiness of society means the happiness of the nation; happiness of nations, in turn, leads to the happiness of the world.
Top 10 celebrity Buddhists
20/07/2013 16:48 (GMT+7)
When we started putting this list together it seemed like it was going to be nothing more than a shallow, trivial — although perhaps welcome — distraction from all the news about disastrous wars and sordid political scandals, but as we dug deeper into the web we found that we felt at times inspired by reading about the practice of famous Buddhists, some of whom have had their trials. We hope that you too will be inspired — and entertained — by Wildmind’s Top Ten List of Celebrity Buddhists.

Sleep well to fight stress
21/07/2013 11:25 (GMT+7)
July 20-- A good night's sleep not only lifts your mood but is also a stress buster. Make sure you get adequate amount of sleep and start your day fresh.
Sickness & Old Age
23/07/2013 16:26 (GMT+7)
Since we are subject to birth, old age, sickness, death, and we suffer from dissatisfaction and unhappiness, we are sick people. The Buddha is compared to an experienced and skilful physician, and the Dhamma is compared with the proper medicine; but however efficient the physician may be, and however wonderful the medicine may be, we cannot be cured unless and until we ourselves actually take the medicine. It would seem that many of us are in need of some medicine to cure us of our misunderstanding of one another, our impatience, irritability, lack of sympathy and metta.

Five Environmental Lessons We Can Learn from Buddhist Monks
24/07/2013 21:14 (GMT+7)
My friend Julia recently visited Buddhist monasteries in Nepal and India and was deeply touched by the Tibetan Monks there. Living on less than a dollar a day, the monks she met were models of spiritual humility, happiness and simplicity. She came back from Nepal and the monastery full of life, and more dedicated than ever to service, simplicity, and meditation.
2nd Century Bodhisattva statue to lead Buddhist art exhibition
27/07/2013 11:10 (GMT+7)
A statue of a Bodhisattva from the 2nd Century will star at Sotheby's NY in September.

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