Sex and Booze
06/03/2013 15:57 (GMT+7)
Ajahn Brahm answers the question: why keep the Buddhist precepts on sex and booze?"Due to a technical glitch, video recording was cut off at 36th minute. The remainder was replaced by an image and an audio file from another source.
05/03/2013 11:43 (GMT+7)
Ajahn Brahm talks about uncertainty, in his last talk at Dhammaloka until the end of the Rains Retreat.

What Is Your Refuge?
04/03/2013 19:47 (GMT+7)
Why Do People Do Bad Things?
02/03/2013 09:41 (GMT+7)
Ajahn Brahm talks about the influence of drugs and alcohol, bad company and lack of compassion. The story of the cow that cried.

Buddhism And Bananas
01/03/2013 10:47 (GMT+7)
Ajahn Brahm explores similes in Buddhism on the humble banana: revealing how the mind works and how to solve problems.
Hissing But Not Biting
27/02/2013 17:34 (GMT+7)
Ajahn Brahm talks about how to be assertive, hissing but not biting, as in the story of the snake.

Buddhism & Autonomy
26/02/2013 19:43 (GMT+7)
Ajahn Brahm challenges ideas about autonomy and freedom, and about knowledge and faith, in Buddhism and in other religions.
Dealing With Difficult People
26/02/2013 19:26 (GMT+7)
Ajahn Brahm gives a talk about dealing with difficult people...

Celebrating Celibacy
26/02/2013 10:48 (GMT+7)
Ajahn Brahm - How celibacy brings peace, simple contentment and spiritual insight that surpasses that of romance and sexuality. AND makes for a positive response towards an overpopulated and polluted planet...
From Original To Tradtional
25/02/2013 22:52 (GMT+7)
How has Buddhism changed since the time of the Buddha? What may be changed, what should not?

Realising or Revealing Religion
25/02/2013 17:01 (GMT+7)
Skilful Speech
23/02/2013 17:12 (GMT+7)
Ajahn Brahm talks about skilful speech

Embodiment of Impermanence
22/02/2013 22:09 (GMT+7)
The Bhikkhuni Hasapanna from Dhammasara Monastery in Perth talks about the embodiment of impermanence. We are honoured to present her inaugural talk in front of an audience of several hundred at Dhammaloka Buddhist Centre...
22/02/2013 10:36 (GMT+7)
We all have different views, conditioned by different experiences. Arguments are inevitable, but argue with kindness and respect which will encourage growth and bring us one step closer to truth. (By Ajahn Brahm)

Ending Conflict
20/02/2013 18:13 (GMT+7)
Back from his 3- month 2010 Rains Retreat, Ajahn Brahm talks about ending conflict...
20/02/2013 11:17 (GMT+7)
Ajahn Brahm talks widely on the nature of forgiveness in Buddhism, contrasted with attitudes to justice and revenge in the world today.

What Do You Want?
18/02/2013 10:36 (GMT+7)
Ajahn Brahm shares what he really wants in life. He wants the beautiful sense of peace, friendship, kindness, contentment, respect, acceptance and love. Isn't that what you want?
Boundless Energy
15/02/2013 18:08 (GMT+7)

What Happens After You Die?
14/02/2013 21:38 (GMT+7)
Ajahn Brahm talks about what happens just before, during and after the dying process, how to approach it and how to enjoy it.
Instead of Attachment
13/02/2013 18:45 (GMT+7)
Ajahn Brahm talks about enjoying our possessions like family, relationships and identity without being attached to them. Attachment comes from fear and enjoyment comes from letting go of fear.

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